Jobsite Layout

Weber utilizes Trimble instruments and software to layout all their jobs. This provides our clients with the accuracy and precision to meet any specification tolerances. Weber works with the design team on establishing key control points throughout the project site. Once these points are set we are then able to layout all footings and foundations for the entire job.


With a small fleet of in-house excavators our team has the capability to dig our own frost walls and footings. Since we are not solely in the excavation business we typically do not perform excavation on site work, site utilities, & taller walls.


Footings are an important part of foundation construction. These reinforced poured systems support the weight of the structure and prevent settling. With over 45 years of experience our crews know that a strong foundation starts with a solid footing.


A strong and solid foundation is the most important part to any structure. Our crews set the foundation walls according to the design teams blueprints and specifications. To ensure accuracy of our walls we utilize Trimble instruments to square in our foundations before and after concrete is placed.

Floor and Slabs

Weber has top-notch finishers on staff to take care of any size slab our clients need. Have a larger slab? No problem Weber has an in-house laser screed to give the flatness and smoothness our clients are looking for.